Why join a Fraternity?

Membership in a college fraternity can be a unique influence in a man’s personal development and an invaluable addition to his educational experience. Distinguished men in every field of endeavor and every sector of community and national life have acclaimed their college fraternity membership as one of the most significant factors in their personal growth because fraternity living offers insights and experiences that cannot be found in any classroom or textbook. The personal relationships, mutual endeavors, leadership opportunities and daily shared experiences of fraternity life all contribute to prepare a man to live and work with others in a spirit of cooperation, respect, and understanding.

Why join Acacia?


Acacia is by far the most selective fraternity on our campus. By no means do we have quotas that have to be filled, nor do we have a certain type of man we’re looking for. Acacia is simply looking for the best. Each man brings something different to the table, and we examine that and assess both what he can do for Acacia and what Acacia can do for him before ever asking him to join. Being part of this brotherhood is a great privilege that few are worthy of and even fewer actually attain.

Acacia Stresses Academic Achievement

Academic achievement should be the first and foremost priority of all university students. It is also central to the mission of Acacia Fraternity, whose chapters stress academics above all else. Moreover, the Acacia Fraternity Foundation assists deserving Acacians by awarding over $200,000.00 in scholarship and educational grants every year. Does Acacia stress academics? You bet we do.

Acacia Helps Better Our Community

Our motto is “ophelountes anthropous,” which is Greek for “Human Service,” and we take it very seriously. As a member of The Acacia Fraternity you will have ongoing opportunities through structured community service programs and individual serve projects to make a difference in the lives of those in need.

Acacia Develops Leaders

Acacia Fraternity is dedicated to building leaders by providing a wealth of leadership opportunities for our members. From social issues to academic, business to philanthropy, the Acacians of today are the leaders of tomorrow.

Acacians Know How to Have Fun

Forget the “Animal House” stereotype of reckless partying and irresponsible behavior. Acacia’s policy is that each chapter maintains a fun yet responsible social policy that promotes responsible choices and the dignity of every individual as well as zero tolerance for illegal activities.

Acacia Is Unique

Acacia understands that many people have negative opinions about fraternities and that some of those opinions may even be well founded. But Acacia’s focus is on providing men with opportunities to develop their full potential by providing young men with the tools and positive role models for making the transition to adulthood. Quite simply, Acacia builds better men, not just during college, but beyond. And that’s as true today as it was 100 years ago when our fraternity was founded.